Cleveland artist and poet Smith

ArtCrimes 05
Self Portraits & Poor Self Traits

300 copies published May 1988
33 poems by 19 poets

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Bellini, Lancillotto   Archivo
Bennett, John   Diver
Bennett, John   Fumbling the Buttons
Bennett, John   The Difficulties
Bloch, Mark   Close Personal Friend

Canada, Steve   Waves Breaking
Canada, Steve   With the Reptiles
Cohen, Ryosuke   Brain Cell
Craig, Melissa J.   to summarize

Drake, Luigi-Bob   ragged

Fallon, Patricia   Portrait of a Mind
Franke, Christopher   Coolish on Congress
Franke, Christopher   Regal Donut

Gloom, Steve E aka Steve Melton   jilted lover
Gloom, Steve E aka Steve Melton   P.I.R.S.A.W.

Hoppe, Doug   Pit of Sheer Delight

Lang, Jim   merry
Lang, Jim   Rephotographs
Lang, Jim   The Rue Teen Age
Lang, Jim   Thots & Dreams Are Lying Deads Deeds
Lang, Jim   yr voice

Martin, Roy L.   In the Bottom of his Bowl
Mendez, David   Art

Salo, Mary Elln May   Poor Self Trait #6711
Smith, Steven B.   Poor Self Traits
Smith, Steven B.   Self Portrait
Stewart, Joffre   The Chicagoland Fibune
Stewart, Joffre   The Situation of the Pacifist

Tepper, Kristine Ban   Wax Paper Becomes Mantra
Thompson, Daniel   Breath and Dream
Thompson, Daniel   Days without Dreams
Thompson, Daniel   In My Cock and Bully Days
Thompson, Daniel   So the Talk's Gettin' Heavy

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