Contemporary mixed media collage, urban assemblage art, and modern poetry

Cleveland artist and poet Smith                  Violation detail - mixed media collage.


Agent of Chaos is Cleveland poet, artist, publisher Steven B. Smith

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666, the number of the Bush
666 - 17 poems for Corporate Amerika
666 - a little patriotic poetry
666 - As The World Turns
666 - Brother Grim
666 - Bye Buy
666 - don't need a weatherman
666 - George W. Bush League Central
666 - George W. Bush Traitor to American Values Award
666 - i put my money where my mouth is
666 - In the Temple of the Echo
666 - letter to the letter to the editor
666 - More Red, White, Black & Blue Patriotic Poetry
666 - Natarajan Sick Home Blues by Terry Provost
666 - On the State of the State
666 - Over The Rainbow
666 - Piss On Earth, Good Wealth To All
666 - Power Play / Play Power
666 - Sham of Mammon
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My first rejection slip 12/6/66
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1992 Letter
21st Century Schizoid Man
A Time Lost
Acid Snow
Almost Persuaded
Alone This Train
As Long As Politician Honest
Autumn Leaves
Back in Black in White Film Noir
Brain Dance
Cain In Isolation
Cannibal Saliva
Cleveland Prospect
Confessions of a Conservative
Constant Compromise
Damaged Good
Dear Occupants, Accidents & Occidentals
Doing Time
Dung or Diamond?
Eco Syphilis
Fertile Lies
First Freefall
Found Poem I - Positively Poetic
Found Poem II - Unsavory Searches
Fungu Stew
Grease Your Grill
Hair of the Dogma
Harpo Chord
How I Met My Ex
I Ain't Got No White Boy Blues
Junkie Luv
Lamentation 5 - The Faithful Bewail
Let Us
Letter from Major Ragain
Light Lucifer Lost
Lots Overlapping
Love, Lust & Atlantis
Marilyn Monroe 1926-1962
Marriage Proposal
Mausoleum, Museum, Movie
Mutant Bio
My Happy Laugh
Myth Amerika
National Debt
Neck Ties
New Year 97, Amsterdam
Night Fragment
No Usherettes
Now Zen
Nulvoid 1
Nulvoid 2
O Zone
Oedipus Rx
Old Man's Lament / Sweet Little Sixteen
On Your Knees Please
One Summer's Sigh
Original Cinema
Our Public Servants
Pablo Picasso, Died
Past Lies and Poverty
Peer Pressure
Pilgrim's Progress
Poor Self Traits
Portrait of an Artist as a Young Mutant
Promise Land
Psychologically Gestalt
Reading 12/19/02
Reading 10/08/03
Reading 05/23/04
Rebound Lounge
Red Rose Rising
Reformation, series I
Self Portrait
Slave and Masturbation
Smith 2004
Sold American
Sorrowful Sounds
SSN or Else
Stations of the Lost
Steal This Poem
Stormy Whether
Suck Cess
Suicide Note
Sun Flower
The Bisque Buddha
The Corporate Mean
The Grasshopper's Tale
The Heart As Arsonist
The New Drool Blues
The Rich Get Richer
The Validity of Relationships
Thee of Heart
Three Faces of Eve
Two Week Vacation
Unknown Nipple
USA Today
Used Karma Lot
Wall Street
Warship Worship
Whethered Would
Wild Flower
Wrinkles in Time
Yellow Pages
Yes No
You Me
Zen Over Zero

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3 Dog Night
A Little Night Music
A Little Night Music, side view
A Little Night Music, detail
A Time Lost
Agent of Chaos
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Autumn - Brandt Gallery
Auburn Installation
Auburn Installation, detail 1
Auburn Installation, detail 2
Auburn Installation, detail 3
Auburn Installation, detail 4
Auburn Installation, detail 5
Auburn Installation, detail 6
Auburn Installation, detail 7
Bar Glass
The Beast Within
Bill Evans
Bitter Bambi
Black & Blue
Black Rain
Blank Verse
Blue Skies
The Blues
Boys Town
Brandt Gallery, south window
Brandt Gallery, south window 2
Brandt Gallery, Jean Brandt
Brandt Gallery, north on west wall
Brandt Gallery, north on west wall 2
Brandt Gallery, south on west wall
Brandt Gallery, south on west wall 2
Brandt Gallery, north wall window
Brandt Gallery, east window
Bridge Work
Brief Encounter
Brokenhorse Mesa
Bunny Rabbit
Burden of Dreams
Cactus Dreams
Cafe 0
Caged Dice
Caged Dice - Brandt Gallery
Cat Smith 1957-1987
Church of Not Quite So Much Pain & Suffering
Clear a Space
Comes the Dawn
Coming Soon
Crippled Children
Crosstown Traffic
Cyber City
Dark Passage
Darwin's Radio
Dead Elvis 92
Der Sturm
Desire, detail
Desire, detail 2
Desire, detail 3
Desire, detail 4
Do Exist
Do It
Downstairs - Brandt Gallery
End of Test
Exit Exit
False Wall
Fame/No Cash Value
Fame/No Cash Value
Fame/No Cash Value, detail
Father Knows Best
Film Noir
Finger Free
Fire Down Below
Food Chain
Food For Thought
Food for Thought - Brandt Gallery
Food for Thought, detail 1
Food for Thought, detail 2
For Sale
Friends of Mine
Garter Snake
Golden Eyes
The Great Divide
Hard Rain
Hell 4, Purgatory 7
Hey Joe
Hidden Temple
High Noon
Homeward Bound
House of Blue Light
Howl - Brandt Gallery
I and I
I Eye
Ice 9
In the Belly of the Beast
In the Belly of the Beast, detail
Inner Light
Inner Light (a different piece)
I Want
I Want - Brandt Gallery
Jesus Died
La Diosa Del Mar
Lady Day
Lady Godiva
Lang's Ear
Last Year's Poetry
Last Year's Poetry - Brandt Gallery
Let Us
Let's Dance
Light Lucifer Lost
Light Lucifer Lost - Brandt Gallery
Limbic Rock
Lost Love
Love/Adults Only
Low Five
Lower Front Facing
Lotus Blossom
Madison Avenue
Menace of the Human
Mercy, detail
Midnight at the Oasis
Mom's Pills
Money Den
Moon Meat
Moon_rise - Brandt Gallery
Mother Weary
Mouse Dreams - view 1
Mouse Dreams - view 2
Mouse Dreams - view 3
Mouse Dreams - view 4
Mouse Dreams - view 5
My Back Porch
My Fair Lady
My Happy Laugh
My Third Life
New Morning
Night Plier
No Charge
No Parking
Of Human Bondage
Old Gods
Older Then
On The Beach
On the Road - view 1
On the Road - view 2
On the Road - Brandt Gallery
On the Roof
Organs of Special Sense
Other Side
Pandora's Box
Pappy Smith 1922-1989
Perception's Door
Perception's Door - Brandt Gallery
Pharmacy Duchamp
Plot To Get Whitey
Pray For Us
Public Enemy
Red Flower
Red, WHite, Black & Blue
River's Run
Runoff - Brandt Gallery
Sacred Lies - Angle magazine ad
Sacred Lies - postcard, front
Sacred Lies - postcard, back
Sea Creature
Self Centered
Self Portrait
Self Portrait 12.2002
Smith On Smith
Smith 06.23.2003
Sold, detail
South Wall
Space Time Continuum
State of the State
Stephen Strange
Sticks & Stones
Sun Flower
Take This Home
Textbook Times
The Pope Mfg. Co.
The Three Ways of Water
The Three Ways of Water, view 2
There Was A Crooked Man
Too Jung to be Freud
Too Much Monkey Bizness
Top of the World, Ma
Traveling Lite
The Truth Shall Set You Free
Vampires on the Beach
Violation - Brandt Gallery
Vision Quest
Voodoo Lounge
What You Pay
White Magic
Why I Went
Wins of War
Yellow Elvis
Yellow Flower
You Me

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