6 6 6 ,   t h e   n u m b e r   o f   t h e   B u s h

Piss on Earth, Good Wealth to All

xmas morning paper 2004.12.25
(in this case, the cleveland pain dealer, but newspaper / city / county / country
time period / planet / universe / galaxy don't make no difference)

gangs protesting the reinstatement of the death penalty
shot to death 22 adults and 6 children.

killing the innocent to keep the guilty alive.
what an amazing concept.
why didn't the i.r.a. or the nazis or the israelis
or the palestinians or the ku klux klan or the christians
or the c.e.o.s of the cigarette / pharmaceutical companiess
or george w bush think of that?

birds for war
migratory bird population in kashmir has increased
from 25,000 in 1992 to around 400,000 today.
the poachers who were killing them off are now afraid to hunt
in the india/pakastani war zone because they get shot by both sides.
the birds were initially disturbed by recurring gunfire and explosions,
but now are used to it and barely move during battles.

even blood caked cloud has slivered lining.

proud poppas
more than 24,000,000 american children live in fatherless homes
a number 300% higher than in 1960.
75% of these will experience poverty before age 11.
72% of adolescent murderers and 70% of long term prison inmates
grew up with no fathers.

fatherless kids fathering fatherless kids fathering fatherless kids
f f k f f k ...

speak english
the 'sh' sound has 19 american spellings
including 'ss' in issue
'sc' in crescendo
'ch' in chute
'ce' in ocean
't' in negotiate
. . .
rain rein reign poor pour pore
four forty rough ruffian hark hearken speak speech tear tear lead lead read read
refuse refuse
from which in 1968 i made "ref use re fusing our naked nothing".

poor mouths
latrell sprewell (whom i'm told is a basketball player),
making $14,600,000 this year, demanded they extend his salary
because "i've got my family to feed"
then got suspended for yelling a sexual vulgarity at a female fan

. . . a week after signing a 6 year $84 million contract extension,
zach randolph, evidently another basketball player,
missed his team's flight

guess they aren't paying these guys enough to be
polite, professional, or prompt.

bizarro cartoon panel
mary says to the 3 wise men kneeling in the manger
before her, joseph, and baby jesus
"and remember, the main point of this whole thing is to promote shopping."

we need to put the x back in xmas

today's horrorscope
pisces (feb.19-march 20) * * * *
stay close to home and family.
others adore being around you.
when you venture out or visit an older relative or boss,
you might be greeted with flak.
why bother?
be where you are cared about.
tonight: say thank you to a loved one.

that's a 4-star day? give me a break.
hate to see a 1-star day.
thank the godless it's a thin paper day, otherwise i'd still be moaning.

speaking of which
i'm reading michael moore's "stupid white men" so the news from this end isn't going to improve. i'm a news person, read widely and deeply, so thot i knew most of the bush theft of the 2001 presidency - but i had no idea how much deeper, earlier, cynical, pervasive, & open it was. for moore to be able to say such things in print and not be sued in court is proof enough of their dastardly deeds, though moore documents it all anyway. i can neither understand nor condone the silence of the press since 2000. good lap dogs.

P i s s o n E a r t h , G o o d W e a l t h t o A l l

artcrimes smith

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i put my money where my mouth is


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