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Wife Lady K and I left America August 2006.

We lived in England, The Netherlands, Poland, Croatia, Italy, France, Spain, Morocco,
England (again), France (again), and Spain (again) since then.
We visited Cleveland, Ohio in Oct and Nov 2007, and then moved to Mexico in December 2007.

March 2009 we moved back to Cleveland Ohio in order to find a literary agent
and a publisher for our memoir of my life titled CRIMINAL by Smith & Lady.

to follow our adventures, check out our blog at ...
includes a LOT of fotos for those who don't read.

steven b. smith & kathy ireland smith
September 5, 2013.

September, 2013
Chiplis at MoCA   Everything All At Once, August 24 - October 13, 2013

October 2009
Chiplis at the Ingenuity Festival   neon sculpture by Jeffry Chiplis at the Cleveland Ingenuity festival 2009

May 2008
recent work 2006-2007   new found neon sculptures by Jeffry Chiplis

November 2007
Razzle-Dazzle Chiplis   Arts Collinwood pairs inventive artists in Razzle-Dazzle' - Oct 19, 2007
Glass Graffiti  Tremont Coffee Shop Removes Sign After City Determines It Was Not Art

September 2007
ArtCrimes article on ArtCrimes being turned over to Mark Kuhar

August 2007
Lady K fotos   Kathy Ireland Smith foos from Italy, France, Spain, Morocco, England 2007
Two Olde Farts & A Chick   Lady and Smith's poetry reading at the Railway Pub in London 23 August
Lady & Smith Poetry Cafe poems   from Lady's hosting of London's City Poetry reading 17 August
upcoming Smiths events   London & Cleveland readings + Lady's 1st art show

July 2007
SMOKEY GREY segue 1   1st Smokey Grey segue by Kathy Ireland Smith

June 2007
SMOKEY GREY and the GREAT RAT MYTHSSSSS   2nd Smokey Grey story by Kathy Ireland Smith
THE CASE of the WET BANDYSNATCH   Smokey Grey story by Kathy Ireland Smith

March 2007
fotos of Lady K 1974-2007   32 years of mug shots

5 kathy / steve short stories   Offworld / Hot Boxes / Cosmology / 1000 Ways to Prepare It / Brain Camps

Kathy Ireland Smith assemblages 2006-2007   selected assemblages from the past 12 months

selected Smith blog fotos   from the Netherlands, Poland, Croatia, France, Italy, USA and England

The City Poetry #18  Kathy's latest art poetry portal with wilson, washington, townsend, stares, soanes,
the smiths, skyrm, sharma, the shaffers, salinger, mcguane, lang, goldberg, dee! clarke, chase, ceraolo,
budimir, bree, bortz, blue7, andrade

Kathy / Smith PBase photo galleries  Kathy's added 7 PBase galleries of her fotos: Languedoc Region of France /
Amsterdam / Cleveland, Ohio - Tremont Neighborhood / Croatia, Province of Istria / Krakow / London / Venice
- and 2 of mine: The American Identity / Bar Code

Kathy Ireland Smith - Gallery 4   fotos from Netherlands, Poland & Croatia
Okey Dokey Smokey Grey   3rd Smokey Grey short story

The Man in the Grey Fennel Suite   2nd Smokey Grey short story
Smokey Grey, Private Lie   1st Smokey Grey short story
the Smith's Krakow Poland poetry reading   15 October, 2006 - 19 poems, words read
Kathy/Smith Krakow Poland poetry reading   15 October, 2006 7 p.m. Massolit Books & Cafe
Kathy Ireland Smith - Gallery 3   lost assemblages left in London/Amsterdam/Poland due to weight

Kathy Ireland Smith - Gallery 1   recent assemblages & fotos by Kathy Smith
Kathy Ireland Smith - Gallery 2   recent fotos & assemblage by Kathy Smith
Art critic pieces together his future   Michael Heaton FRIDAY column
Walking on Thin Ice   More fascinating than watching TV - CoolCleveland
Leavin Cleveland: an exit interview with Steven B. Smith   by Mark Kuhar
Kathy/Steve travel travails  Walking On Thin Ice - the Smiths' life/political/travel blog
Criminals At Large   Steven B. Smith's Farewell Artcrimes Is His Best Ever - by Doug Utter

21st issue of ArtCrimes   is biggest ever - and also the last - by Dan Tranberg
Chaos City   poems w/art by KathySteve book from GreenPandaPress
Junkie Business   kathy/steve collab
ArtCrimes 21 pick-up   at the following readings . . .
Bed Bug Bite   kathy/steve collab
I Who Part Leaf In Dream   Kathy Ireland Smith
Kathy Ireland Smith/Smith blog  Walking On Thin Ice - the Smiths' blog
ArtCrimes 21  ArtCrimes #21 available June 30, 2006 - distributed during July
demented poem generator   poetic search phrases - month 28
lab rats suzy creamcheese   odd & unsavory search phrases - month 28

4,500 VHS films 4 sale from Smith collection   sorted by titles
4,500 VHS movies 4 sale from Smith collection   sorted by directors
Catnip   kathy/steve collab
ad-lib stage-set tango   smith poem
crimes-free cleveland   agent of chaos takes on a new mission - Northern Ohio Live
11 new Kathy/Steve collabs   pomes, stories, true confessions, lies
typewriter slut poetry   poetic search phrases - month 27
undeveloped vulva dogs   odd & unsavory search phrases - month 27

Serial Suicide   new reading room #27 with 3 titles
Smith Sells Out!!!   t-shirts, tote-bags, coffee mugs, mouse pads, etc
Good Cop Story   Kathy Ireland Smith/Steven B. Smith collab
call for entries CLOSED  ArtCrimes #21 status and list of contributors
No Prisons   Kathy Ireland Smith/Steven B. Smith collab
Do Be Due Be Do   Kathy Ireland Smith/Steven B. Smith collab
Ever Now   Kathy Ireland Smith/Steven B. Smith collab
10th Angle ad   10th ad for Agent of Chaos/Smith in Angle - a journal of Arts + Culture
Give Me Seven   Kathy Ireland Smith/Steven B. Smith collab
Gender Wars   Kathy Ireland Smith/Steven B. Smith collab
the Smith collaborations   21 Kathy Ireland Smith/Steven B. Smith collabs
Car Thief   Kathy / Steve collaboration
Art Matters by Dan Tranberg   Emigrating artist Steven Smith holds liquidation sale
Anthologese 6   'No Spring Cleve. GreenPandaPress Anthologese 6'
Green Panda Press   30 titles 25 books 4 years 1 page published by Bree
Notepad Excavation & Harvest   Steven B. Smith notebook lines
Dog Food   Kathy Ireland Smith rewrite
Beautiful Lie   Kathy Ireland Smith / Steven B. Smith collaboration
poem water walkers   poetic search phrases - month 26
dogsssssssssssssssssssssssssss   unsavory & odd search phrases - month 26

NPR   Kathy Ireland Smith poem
Lady K   Kathy Ireland Smith / Steven B. Smith collaboration
Dog Food   Kathy Ireland Smith poem
Dust Mite God   Kathy Ireland Smith / Steven B. Smith collaboration
Rabbit Run   Steven B. Smith - excerpt from Endless Letter 1997
My Motorcycle Story   Kathy Ireland Smith / Steven B. Smith collaboration
Morning Glory   Kathy Ireland Smith poem
French Kiss   Kathy/Steve collab
Poker Players   new Kathy Ireland Smith poem
Free Bed, No Board   Smith poem
Other Peoples Art Show   new page of UPCOMING EVENTS
Wife   new Smith poem
d.a. levy - letter from an invisible greek   new Green Panda Press issue published by Bree
Green Panda Press   29 titles 24 books 4 years 1 page published by Bree
Blue   new Kathy Ireland Smith poem
Birth Born   a paratheological jouney from death to birth - 1971 short story
pomes after death   poetic search phrases - month 25
blindfold acts of obsession seed   odd & unsavory searches - month 25

The Yellow Phantom   non-fiction poem by the Smiths
5 poems   5 non-fiction poems by the Smiths
Prison Break   Douglas Max Utter Free Times review of Smith solo show
3 poems   by Kathy Ireland Smith
Wrong World   Kathy Ireland Smith poem
Flow   Kathy / Steve collab poem
Nirvana   Kathy / Steve collab poem
Sky God   Kathy Ireland Smith poem
9th Angle ad   9th ad for Agent of Chaos/Smith in Angle - a journal of Arts + Culture
20 from 19 yrs ago   words stolen from my younger self
site traffic report   500,000 visitors view 1,700,000 pages since 9.2002
class warfare poetry   poetic search phrases - month 24
it's the mind that kills   odd & unsavory searches - month 24

June Rain   Kathy Ireland Smith poem
Kathy Ireland Smith   manifest expressions / Supercollider / Minimum Wage Rage
Agent of Chaos   Kathy's Valentine Day poem
Want   word tile poem by Kathy Ireland Smith & Steven B. Smith
Crazy Princess   word tile poem by Kathy Ireland Smith & Steven B. Smith
Your Boy Thing   word tile poem by Kathy Ireland Smith & Steven B. Smith
Earth Star   word tile poem by Kathy Ireland Smith & Steven B. Smith
Heart Music   word tile poem by Kathy Ireland Smith & Steven B. Smith
5 new titles from Green Panda Press   published by Bree
Green Panda Press   28 titles 23 books 4 years 1 page published by Bree
Kathy Walker   20 older poems (prior to 9.2005) / 20 fotos as Kathy Ireland Smith
more true confessions   Me and Wife-To-Be . . . poem by Steven B. Smith
Innocence poetry damaged   online poetic search phrases arriving at AoC - month 23
catholic drought of fish painting   odd unsavory searches arriving at AoC - month 23

Russ Vidrick   23 poems by guest poet Russell Vidrick
Smoke Osmosis   Kathy Ireland Smith poem
Kathy Ireland Smith   20 poems by / 20 fotos of - Kathy Ireland Smith
The City # 16  latest Kathy Ireland Smith poetry portal where image/text intersect
Parts Unknown   Smith poem 1.24.2006
My Dinner With Myself   true Smith story written 1986
My First Armed Robbery   true Smith story from 1970 written in 1989
Campbell's Instant Poem   collaborative poem - Kevin Eberhardt & Smith 7.17.2005
59 Years In A Dead Mom's Bed   Smith poem 9.20.2005
8th ad angled   8 ads for Agent of Chaos in Angle - a journal of Arts + Culture
sad poems about our aunts being in jail   online poetic search phrases - month 22
womb gloom   odd unsavory searches - month 22

Private Eye Smokey Grey   collaborative poem by Kathy Ireland Smith & Smith
throat cancer email 3   mass email #3 on my throat cancer
throat cancer email 2   mass email #2 on my throat cancer
throat cancer email 1   mass email #1 on my throat cancer
throat cancer fotos   before & after surgery fotos of my cancerous voice box
Worship Her   poem about Kathy Ireland Smith, my wife to be January 2006
Soap Op Pop   poem about the events over the past 7 months
1,444,009 pages & 414,787 sessions   Agent of Chaos traffic since 9.2002
Poem Guns   searches for poetry - month 21
fed my heart to a cannibal   odd unsavory searches - month 21

Jim Language   Smith poem to Jim Lang
Match   Smith poem to Kathy
Rainbow Rain   Smith poem to Kathy
Baked Apple Cream Kisses   Smith poem to Kathy
Slo Mo   Smith poem to Kathy
My Scarless Lady   Smith poem to Kathy
Pulp Lust   Smith poem to Kathy
A Simple Machine   Smith poem to Kathy
No Demands Of Time   poem by Kathy Ireland Smith aka Kathy Walker & Smith
Down To Animal Bone   short poem by Smith
Electric Lady   short poem by Smith
Lineman   short poem by Smith
Fine Fine Feline   short poem by Smith
camel fleas itch screw poem   poetic searches - month 20 of unknown number
meat shoes   odd unsavory searches - month 20 of unknowable nbr

Bone   smith poem to Kathy
Love Lately   to my lover
letter of intent   to my lover's mother
Plant Shepherd   a poem about plants and mammals
Psycho Sam verse/us Uneven Steven   smith blues pome
door poem noir   poetic searches - month 19 of unknown number
bamboo halleluiah   odd unsavory searches - month 19 of unknowable nbr

bree green   fantastic new Green Panda Press publication - Anthologese #5
It's A Gas!   Jeffry Chiplis recycled neon installation at The Sculpture Center
6th ad angled   7 ads for Me Myself by I in Angle - a journal of Arts + Culture
3 new poems   9 days ago I couldn't spell relationship - now I are one
Ash to Ash After   non-fiction text linking to 92 fotos - Mom & Cat's ash dispersal
Lab Rats   the quantum collapse of Mother Dwarf Smith - 9 chapters, 123 images
poems+vaseline   poetic search phrases from the Log Mines - chapter 18
I'm fat, missing teeth, and live in the ghetto   from the Log Mines - chapter 18

Working Class Warfare Blues   poem by Kevin Eberhardt & Smith in red, black & blue
Working Class Warfare Blues   humorous poem by Kevin Eberhardt & Steven B. Smith
humorous non-fiction   From The Log Mines - 8.26.2005
None So Blind As Will Not See   yet another smith poem
3 poems   No Wailing Offense / No Bless Oblique / POETRY HAMBURGER (found poem)
Bad Bush George   a smith poem for our lying cheating baby killing Bush
Noontide Moonlight   smith poem
sniff smelly feet   odd search phrases from the Log Mines - chapter 17
broken poems   poetic search phrases from the Log Mines - chapter 17

Skin Deep   Smith assemblage sculpture, varying views
Lab Rats   the quantum collapse of Mother Dwarf Smith - 7 chapters, 26 images
state of the u.s. of a..?   Emily Tan's childhood memories of U.S. in Philippine Islands
red, white, black & blue Angle ad   July / August ad in Angle
Red Giant J.T.   Jeffry Chiplis entry in the 1st NEO Show
Prey Has No Name   7.16.2005 Smith poem
Death Dance   7.9.2005 Smith poem
Fruddlehump   1964 Smith poem
1965   eight 1965 pomes when plebe at u.s. naval academy
do fish pee poem   search phrases used in seeking online poetry - month 16
shiva 666 jesus   odd, unusual, sometimes sick search words from the Log Mines

artist extraordinaire Florence E. 'Mother Dwarf' Smith 4.13.1926 - 6.25.2005
sales policy change   Mother Dwarf art no longer 4 sale - mine may / may not be
art start   why I made my 1st collage 40 yrs ago
pome genome   why I wrote my 1st poem 41 yrs ago
Quantum Collapse   Smith assemblage collage painting 18" x 22" 1991/2005
Norman Rockwell Lawn Poets Society   Mother Dwarf closing + lawn poetry
vaporous answers to various questions   Smith answers to Elizabeth questions
collage & assemblage tips & tricks  
On the State of the State   in red, white, black & blue / 2 illustrations
Over The Rainbow   in red, white, black & blue / 2 illustrations
Sham of Mammon   in red, white, black & blue / 2 illustrations
Brother Grim   in red, white, black & blue / 2 illustrations
1,000,000   one million pages served since Sept 2002
poems for the brain deads   poetic searches - month 15
insect with mother son story   odd and unsavory searches - month 15
Over The Rainbow   smith pome

Mother Dwarf's Mother Day opening   Once Upon A Time - 27 Mother Dwarf assemblages
Salon des Neo Refuses   D.M.O.M.A. invites NEO show rejectees to show rejected art online
Greatest Hiss v3.0   12 Empirical Dada songs: Peter Ball - music/Smith - vocals, lyrics
Lyz Bly Mother Dwarf   Mother Dwarf's collages evoke an often painful family history
Want Ad   maybe this'll get me a date
On the State of the State   40 yr old poem
Mom Dwarf Angle ad   May/June ad in Angle for Mother Dwarf's 4th solo show
Sham Of Mammon   the void between the is and am
artist, lincoln, meat, jesus   odd found poem II, in 14 monthly acts
poem nun criminal mind tweedy   poetic found poem I, in 14 monthly acts

Once Upon A Time   work by Mother Dwarf - Brandt Gallery 5.8 - 6.11 2005
The Rejeculation Blues   got NEO rejection letter from Matrix - see rejected T.V.O.D.
answers / brother grim   2 smith poems
D.M.O.M.A  Digital Museum of Modern Art - Smith stuff + 3 Smith/Peter Ball songs
draft past   11 non-fiction smith pieces
In the Temple of the Echo   smith blues pome in red, white, black & blue
Lady Jane   smith blues pome
rabbit nose anatomy   odd found poem in 13 (so far) monthly installments
unknown poets unwanted   poetic found poem in 13 (so far) monthly installments

The Mad Poet   Kevin Eberhardt & his 67 short poems on any/every/no-thing
Natarajan Sick Home Blues   blues poem by Terry Provost
Bye Buy   smith blues in red, white, black & blue
T.V.O.D + Buddha's Beads   2 wall sculptures (T.V.O.D. is my NEO entry)
Greatest Hiss lyrics   10 Empirical Dada songs (Peter Ball / Smith)
To The Mad Poet   a poem from one much more sane
recent work   15 collages / assemblages / paintings / photographs by smith
my Angle ad   AgentOfChaos Mar/Apr ad in Angle - A Journal Of Arts+Culture

I'm For Falling   smith blues
The Right Others   smith blues
Holy Water   smith haiku
Power Play/Play Power   King George W. Bush, the Usurper
21 titles 17 books 3 years   1 page overview of bree's Green Panda Press covers
wash hands when eating flies sartre   65 januwary side road searches
airplane poetry that's small   62 januweary searches for the poetic

don't need a weather man  to know which way the wind blows
r, w, b & b   red, white, black & blue version As The World Turns w/image
As the World Turns   new words for an old world blues by smith
2 oops   Do Be Done / Chorus Line - Smith - reading room 13
Piss on Earth, Good Wealth to All   Xmas morning Pain Dealer newspaper 2004.12.25
gentle pokes at evil folks   added 9 Terry Provost poems to Bush League Central
letter to the letter to the editor   Cleveland Free Times August 14, 2002
They   blues poem by Smith - also available in red white black & blue
my Angle ads   more Angle ads in the adding
Heil to the Thief   George W. Bush League Central
666, the number of the Bush   17 poems for Corporate Amerika
Red, White, Black and Blue   more patriotic poetry for Corporate Amerika

Truth Truce   blues poem by Smith - censored as SPAM by ToadNet
private collections III   24 Smith pieces in various collections - 1979-2003
Truth du Jour   blues poem by Smith
poet is a cannibal   76 searches for poetry which came to agent of chaos
Doing Time   blues poem by Smith

Lamentation 5 - The Faithful Bewail   blues poem by Smith
Chinese Restaurant-Nightclubs in 1940s San Fransisco   by Harley Spiller
19 titles 15 books 3 years   1 page overview of bree's GreenPandaPress
2 new publications   GreenPandaPress - stories by r.a. washington / pomes by bree
Penis-Fest   Our Friends Electric: 2 Chiplis / Penis-Fest: 1 Chiplis, 2 Smith

Meat Axe   Bush lala-land disconnect from reality by Terry Provost
traitor   george w bush wins Traitor to American Values award
The New Drool Blues   blues poem by Smith
magic lantern show   Chiplis journal reading & magic lantern show at Pat's in the Flats
As All-American as Egg Foo Yong  Michael Luo's New York Times article on Harley Spiller
positively poetic 9.04  beautiful/sick searches for poetry coming to Agent Of Chaos
a sordid stories 9.04  good, bad & positively perverse search phrases arriving at AoC
500,000  Agent of Chaos has served 515,182 pages to 137,615 sessions past 25 months

Artcrimes cover art 1986-2004  40 covers  20 issues  14 artists  18 years  1 page
magic lantern images  Chiplis photos from his European magical mystery tour

Smith reading room 11  8 poems /written/rewritten/remixed/found + 2 non-fiction
free foto  Spencer Tunick foto given to 2,754 participants of Cleveland 2004 installation
Rushmore, Reagan, and Mary Shelly  Terry Provost on lies, murder & the American way
Chiplis in Czech Republic  The Three Smallest Rooms in the Chateau of the Castle
at Mikulov
- a found neon installation by Jeff Chiplis in Mikulov, Czech Republic

4 books 8 poets 80 poems  bree's GreenPandaPress 4 book unboxedset of Larry Smith/Ben Gulyas, Mark Kuhar/Russel Salamon, Charles Potts/Kathy Walker, Jim Lang/Mary Weems
about foto fables  explanation of how to decipher my 3 foto fables - Ritual Sacrifice
about moroi  pop-up box: Moroi definition - poem Three Faces of Eve
about ragnarok  pop-up box: Ragnarok definition - poem Sold American
about vampires  pop-up box: origins of vampires - poem Three Faces of Eve
about collage  pop-up box: techniques in collage Lost Love
about poem  pop-up box: origin of poem On Your Knees Please
about collage  pop-up box: techniques in collage What You Pay
about poem  pop-up box: origin of poem Cannibal Saliva
about christianity  pop-up box: my path - poem Dear Occupants, Accidents & Occidentals

2,754 naked  Spencer Tunick's mass nude Cleveland installation photo shoot, June 2004
Lost & Found 42  close-ups of 42 pieces in Mother Dwarf's 3rd solo show in past 78 yrs
reading room 10  lighter verse, blues, 1 non-fiction - 8 Smith titles added 6/13 & 6/22

Hessler St Fair reading  6 Smith poems read at 2004 Hessler St Fair, 2 fotos by Jim Lang
Daniel Thompson 1935-2004  Daniel Thompson memorial, Poet Laureate of Cuyahoga County
Lost & Found  opening reception fotos of Mother Dwarf's 3rd solo exhibit May 8, 2004
Unsavory Searches  found poem updated monthly - odd search phrases
Positively Poetic  found poem updated monthly - poetic search phrases

call for entries  ArtCrimes #21 call for entries
poetic searches  incredible variety of poetic 'search phrases' which led to Agent of Chaos
unsavory searches  slightly unsavory 'search phrases' which led to Agent of Chaos
I ain't got no White Boy Blues  smith poem

Anarchy-Art-On-The-Cheap  unsettling exhibits amid neatness - Beacon Journal
relics  a potpourri of debris - from going through 29 yrs of unopened boxes
new painting  new John Kipfer painting + 2 show invitations
Spiller Collector links  18 on-line links to guest artist Harley Spiller aka Inspector Collector
Hashim review  Akron Beacon Journal review of guest artist Hashim El-Ra-Mun's clay work

Chilplis: 13 or 52?   happy birthday at last all you leap-day babies - Plain Dealer
answer sheet   crib sheet on how to read the fables
studio shots   shots of Smith / Mother Dwarf studio
Split Whiskey poetry reading   Jim Lang, Russ Vidrick, Wendy Shaffer, Terry Provost, etc
pricing + sales  pricing & sales information on works by Steven B. Smith & Mother Dwarf

Peppermint Ribbon Rock Candy   Jeff Chiplis neon installation + some studio shots
Chinese Food in Denmark and Poland   Flavor & Fortune review by Harley Spiller
private collections II   46 Smith pieces owned by others
mug shots   58 years of chronological Smith - 1946 thru 2004
viewer comments   recent viewer comments, 10 good + only 2 bad ones I've gotten
January poet   Cool Cleveland's January writer is Steven B. Smith
Hey Joe   Kerry O'Reilly's college paper on Smith's "Hey Joe"

site visitor report  daily average visits & pages viewed + monthly & to-date totals
manipulated Kipfer  55 digitally manipulated photographs added to John Kipfer home page
10 Smith photographs  updated 10 best Smith photographs with 8 new fotos
Ritual Sacrifice  from Hell, to Heaven - a fable in 42 photographs - Steven B. Smith
private collections I  29 Smith pieces owned by others

Hashim El-Ra-Mun  Poet, musician, storyteller, clay & visual artist

Mac's Turns A New Trick  Third anthology of art & poetry from Bree of GreenPandaPress
dirty money  Inspector Collector & Yellow Rat Bastard Magazine, June/July 2003
Mac's Backs poetry reading 10.08.2003  Steven B. Smith - 13 poems from 39 years
Patrick Iberi  Nigerian poet - thirteen poems

Dreaming in Neon  Anastasia Pantsios reviews Chiplis' Neon Repoetry show 9.17.03
cool  says Agent of Chaos undiluted underground art/lit/philosophy/abuse
Mother Dwarf  aka Florence E. Smith - collage, assemblage, mixed media fairy tales
Harley Spiller  added 5 home web links + 8 Harley articles on 'Writer' page

show & tell  12 Smith assemblages 2000-03 with artist statement (for a grant proposal)
The New York Times on Harley Spiller  "A Man and His Menus, All 6,000 of Them"
Neon Repoetry  found neon word assemblages - Jeff Chiplis Colonial ArtCade 2003
Mother Dwarf Smith  Tremont artist solos at 68 - by Helen Cullinan, May 13, 1994
Bree  poems and song lyrics by guest artist Bree - courtesy of Bree's GreenPandaPress
site search  option to search Agent of Chaos for any word, name or phrase
bead work  poems made from 76 plastic tiles featuring 152 words - Steven B. Smith
Rebecca Freligh - 1992  "Popcorn box serves up poetic tribute to film: ArtCrimes #12"
Rebecca Freligh - 1989  micropress writers/publishers, Cleveland overview
1988 review  "Ashes to ashes, poet to artist" - Wilcox/Smith 7/88 installation

10 top illustrations  my top 10 illustrations - Steven B. Smith
10 top collages  my top 10 collages - Steven B. Smith
10 top poems  my top 10 poems - Steven B. Smith
10 top fotos  my top 10 fotos - Steven B. Smith
Harley Spiller  Suey Jow & How! A Chinatown Dumpling Eating Contest, 2003
Harley Spiller  Crossing El Bosque: Chinese Food In Venezuela, 2002
reading room #8  15 poem remnants - Steven B. Smith

Terry Provost  guest poet - 7 poems
John Kipfer  Canadian - painting, drawing, manipulated photo
Jim Lang  guest artist, poet & photographer - 46 mostly b&w photographs
Amy Bracken Sparks  'Sacred Lies - New & Used Work by Smith' - Angle, June 2003
Amy Bracken Sparks  'A Place to Call Home' - Cleveland Edition, September 8, 1988
Dark Passage  a fable in 37 photographs - Steven B. Smith
Countdown  a fable in 25 photographs - Steven B. Smith
reading room #7  14 poems - Steven B. Smith

Sacred Lies - Love Truth Honor Family  39 Smith pieces at Brandt Gallery, 2003
Harley Spiller  'Dumplingus Extremis' from Flavor and Fortune Spring 2003
Amy Bracken Sparks  'ArtCrimes' - excerpt from Spaces' 20th anniversary catalog8
Wayne Draznin  'Writing Vision, Visual Writing' - New Art Examiner June 1990
links  links to other art collage sculpture mixed media poetry sites

Harley Spiller  aka Inspector Collector - guest artist, writer, teacher, curator, collector
Michael Heaton  'Nothing can save your life like a really good art attack'
Manoranjan Das 'Emancipation of Consciousness & Buddhist's Philosophy in Smith's Poetry'
Jeffry Chiplis  guest artist - Lucky's Cafe exhibit 3/14 - 4/10 2003

Jeffry Chiplis  1st guest artist - the inventor of recycled neon sculpture

ArtCrimes #7 poetry  72 poems, 39 poets

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