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reading room #15
the rejeculation blues - 4.23.2005 / sham of mammon - 5.5.2005
on the state of the state - 1965 / final answer - 5.13.2005 / want ad - 5.18.2005
over the rainbow - 6.3.2005 / fruddlehump - 1964 / death dance - 7.9.2005
- 8 from 1965 -
for season / past dance / garden uneven / rat rut race / quantum stereo
love letter / for sooth / get along little doggerel
prey has no name - 7.16.2005

The Rejeculation Blues

I been rejected ejected infected
Unprotected e-jacked and rejeculated

What I ain't been is respected
Or have inspected by heart
My inner aspect art
Made against the ever blind
Committee un-minds
Who deal don't feel
Game shame
Fart arts diarrheic dribble
To artmart whores
Where less is less more more mess

Lost from past the subtle blast
Of tried and true destroyed by new
At such cost and psychic scam
They may as well vote Republican
Since fact must bend to lesser end

Talking undead
Grown fat and low by need not know
Heed to slip pink slip's misdeed
Coach art to couch and color shape
Once firebrand, academic bland
Teach our young to sleep like sheep
Embrace the dead but not the deed
To safety flee the thinking free


see T.V.O.D. - piece rejected for Cleveland Museum of Art's 1st NEO show.

loved the video of the jet thru the bridge cables...
there's magic there on multiple levels.

enjoyed dancing video lines on the painted lines in a silly sort of way.

3-4 good decent others.

a lot of expensive calendar art. others should have been in the Inside
Outside gallery's Bad Art Show last month. much surface, little content.
words like vacuous, vapid, amazingly mediocre ooze to mind. can almost see
Corporate Art stamped on the bottom, art school mind over matter.

maybe republicans will like it - cuz nothing there to threaten any one,
or stimulate thot. a george w bush kind of kulchur show.

end    top    poetry    agent of chaos

Sham of Mammon

The void between the is and am
Is worse than would and could
The voiced belief we're best of can
Reeks of mould and shame

Money whores hoard executive board
While sniffing alpha dog anus
They mark their set in limp dick wet
And measure love with penis

Rich man sham betraying should
And all for
A few dollar$ more


end    top    poetry    agent of chaos

On the State of the State

Take this world
Rather round
And topsy turvy
Turn her upside down
Then all the oceans
Which cover her face
Would soon drain off
Into outer space
Without the water
A bouncy ball
Drop it out window
Watch it fall
How it falls so fast
How it hits so hard
It bounces
In pieces
All over the yard
Take a stick
And stick the world on top
What a lollipop!
But o alas
What's the use of it all
I can't take a lick
Cuz my tongue's too small
So take the world
Apropos of the square
And cut off the corners
One here
One there
Practice makes perfect
So do it again
For cutting corners
Is the way of man


end    top    poetry    agent of chaos

Final Answer

Found fragment
From the gateless gate


end    top    poetry    agent of chaos

Want Ad

I like walks in the rain
I like licking pink stains
There's good and bad things baby
Crawling through your hair
Old lumps of new grown gravy
Calling from your lair
You wanna bite me baby
I wanna bite me too
Bite me three times
You got a deal


end    top    poetry    agent of chaos

Over The Rainbow

Some where thunder rumbles
Low and slow and old
More light than bite
Less bang to buck

Some when, mother udder
Nursed and nestled
Fragile land to lumber
Human hut

Some whys try
More man meat
To buy resized
Wood exit

Some lie
Some die
Some in power
Let others die
Their lie


end    top    poetry    agent of chaos


I saw a purple purfled cloud
A softly go flinning by
It skipped and jumped and fruddlehumped
Across the mauvian sky

Then I saw two bluish banobs
Making flurvy beneath the tree
They skipped and jumped and fruddlehumped
Into the Jungian sea

Next I saw a whimpering wall
Switch to a strumpbelly strict
Then skip and jump and fruddlehump
Man I sobered up quick

Slowly I put down my bottle
Never to drink anymore
Then skipped and jumped and fruddlehumped
Right through the tavern door

                   1964 - ordered to write this 41 yrs ago

end    top    poetry    agent of chaos

Death Dance

Take one crisis forward
Two disasters back
Do the death dance baby
Spin the man in black

Donít you mind the drooling
Or the puddles on the floor
I donít care who youíre fooling
Death destructs the poor

And way before youíre dying
You creak and crack and groan
Then comes along the diapering
The one-way ticket rest home

Where drenched in piss and TV
Youíre just one more peopled pod
I tell you life ainít easy
With or without your God


end    top    poetry    agent of chaos

1965 stuff

jim lang mentioned his early poems were moon june croon-ish . . .

so, here - fresh from past trash ! ! !
8 of my early earlies from 1965
at the u.s. naval academy when i was old enough to no better.
what can i say? must be the whore moans.

For Season

You meet a girl
Your heart takes wing
Your senses whirl
Love Ė itís spring

Youíd give your life
For one another
No hint of strife
Love Ė itís summer

An acrid word
You feel so small
Itís so absurd
Love Ė itís fall

You have a fight
Emotions splinter
Words of spite
Love Ė itís mostly winter

Past Dance

The widowís face
Tragic, forlorn

A dress of black
A man to mourn

The bleating drum
The lonely horn

The funeral march
Decemberís morn

A gun salute
The gods to warn

Into the sea
To be reborn

Garden Uneven

Last man on earth meeting
Last woman
Reaches out hand touching
Bare breast

Last woman on earth taking
Last man
Agrees no conceiving
More beasts

Rat Rut Race

Hi ho cheerio up and away
And so I begin another day

Another day of two less thoughts
Another play with two yes plots

Two yes plots, three of no
Turn the key and away I go

Quantum Stereo

You ask - is there life after death?
Holding my breath
Intending no mirth
I reply - is there life after birth?

The graveyardís filled
The graveyardís full
And still the dead are dying
This lifeless life
Makes death look dull
I wonder why Iím whying

Love Letter

Please sign form
   where indicated and
   return in enclosed envelope
Thank you

For Sooth

As the fan efficiently whirls
Air throughout time and space
Those lore-laden history filled swirls
Are now used for cooling my face
Breaths inhaled by Caesar abroad
Then exhaled by Christ when cross strung
Those wavering wistuals of god
Are now used for filling my lung
Wind whistling through hand pierced by nail
Wind whittling the whining as goal
These winds wild in wanting to wail
Are now used for soothing my soul

Get Along Little Doggerel

What is endlessness
  but the absence of her kiss?

What eternity
  but this forever lonely?

                   8 pomes, 1965

end    top    poetry    agent of chaos

Prey Has No Name

We fish with human face
Such depths of want

And need
Heart drums beat

To pulse blood hope
In womb warm wonder

Lying lizard in the sun
In spring full breadth

Of coiled light
Brain bridged push

Mute witness
For those who died

In black and white
Before elective gray

                   16 July, 2005

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