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Poem Putter Outer / Dead Dog Lucidity / Gentle Man / Going Underground /
Scientific Primitives / No Demands On Time / The Theoretical Lady / Sleepy people sleep deep /
Underwater Apertures / Steve, you are a night animal / Warm Dreaming /
November Shorts / December Shorts / Private Eye Smokey Grey / Smoke Osmosis


Your heart-battered love,
your battering heart,
slow volcano sputters
I live, I love
I live, I love--

After 20 years of quiet nights,
dark nights, just you &
your laughing art--
your shelves accumulating dust,

and now this woman come to
lie down under your dawn,
your dust, this Christmas
morning is with this woman

your fingers wet
her swollen vulva, your
abrasive chin on her
warm freckled skin

your shaved head,
shadowed eye sockets

form of man

                   Lady 12.25.2005

end    top    poetry    agent of chaos



The interference of my radio--
smooth music is not for today--
and relief
when I turn the music off

And my wiper blade efforts
the liquid is blocked
the blades old and frustrated
I'm a worried bank accountant

City winter, the mingling of the aspects,
the gulls over the theoretical ailerons,
the smoking buildings,
the concrete sky...

at the stop light, the broken road
the lights on bone trees
it's a municipal day,
a municipal Christmas

                   Lady 9.2005 - 1.2006

end    top    poetry    agent of chaos



I know you are shocked, that now I really have gone
some boundary of common decency.

But I prefer to think of the self actualization of the
oompa loompas, and how I might have some
to help them self actualize.

It was all ethical, you see.

So I admit it. I had sex with the oompa loompas.
Yes. All of them.

Their pricks are hot and red and normal sized, and they
are an enthusiastic

And little man shoulders with a strange competency
of distorted shortened arms, underarm stink,
dark arm hair.
They smell like garlic and chocolate.

I cradle my head on the little man belly of an oompa loompa
and he tells me his little man dreams
how he's going to start his own business
get out from under the man who is so falsely
benevolent, start his own chocolate factory cooperative
which will be part owned by the oompa loompa
proletariet brothers

                   Lady 9.2005 / 1.2006

end    top    poetry    agent of chaos



Screwball's accounts were maddeningly
, I read in the Sunday Plain Dealer.

Mingus steps down his acoustical
staircase. Steve soaks in the bath.

The cat lies stoned on a patch of sunlight
on the carpet sample.

Information as a justification for war
on the fingerprints, my smudged fingerprints
from that stupid paper.

What about information as a justification
for love...

Mingus positions himself back on the recliner,
crosses his legs, lights a joint.

They personally assured Screwball
that the world was


And now I'm living an assumed name in
Southern Bohemia, lap of luxury in a
furnished apartment,
language lessons and a stipend.

I'd relocated twice over concerns my


was in danger, but the CIA
still watches me closely.

Records show I'd been either jailed--
an apparent crime for caring or not caring--
what does it matter, the cat's dead,
the mens' thumbs are in the apple pie,
they all want a piece

Records show I'd been jailed
for an

apparent sex crime,

some type of reverse coercion,

forcing an older man
on myself

Some of my great liars and con artists called me a "childhood friend."

                   Lady 9.2005 - 1.2006

end    top    poetry    agent of chaos



like Peace on Earth
last summer, it was



The night sky is on the ground,
the diamonds advertised in black
on a highway billboard with the
other stars--

silver city lights
gold city lights

on the horizon and I SWEAR

outer space is HERE
on the ground, and our truck is a
space ship, and the white lines
on the road our navigation system
for the next spaceport

for it is November on Earth, &
Earth is a swiftly tilting planet

                   Lady 11.2005

end    top    poetry    agent of chaos



Mingus in the A. M.
Happy kitty called
to food dish filled
sloppy water

Steve up in the A.M.
puts on the Mingus music.

Woman sits on Steve,
nestles clothed vagina
against jean pants
hands sprawled round back
ear warm to ear
on computer chair.

Watch the sun come up
to Mingus in the A. M.

Mingus in the A.M.
and it gradually lightens up
Steve checks e-mail results
from mass spam love effort.

Coffee getting cold,
e-mail getting checked,
woman on lap,
cat fed, coffee cold
Mingus in the A.M.
and it gradually lightens up.

                   Lady 11.18.2005

end    top    poetry    agent of chaos



Grandma and Grandpa like to watch
the dogs on TV.

They watch the rescue shows where
animal police put poor people in jail
for their dead dogs.

A man puts a dead dog into a bag.
The dead dog was lying on the sidewalk,
boiled to death with dehydration,
flies trickling on sad wet parts.

Grandma says she remembers when
her house got electricity. It's no longer
a quiet planet.

So it's possible to wake up into a
lucidity where conclusions are
vastly different than previous, yet
equally valid lucidity.

For instance, you might wake up
on your grandparents' sofa and
the man narrating the TV program
says although the future looks bright
for the duck, he has doubts about
the rooster.

Sometimes I need the startling
juxtaposition, the quick flip context trick.
Ppl need to understand.

I choose the lucidity of optimism vs.
the one of disabling self-doubt and
resignation, and I'm getting off
the american continent.

                   Lady 9.2005 / 1.2006

end    top    poetry    agent of chaos


Gentle man,
November brings worries of
soft snow, open throat,
softly polyp pop open voice,
scraping nubs from smokey
inner mouths.
Let's put our heads together,
look down, create our shared
landscape, our tented intimacy--
bowed chest to
leg dangled journeys
to floorboards
Or in the bath,
a vista of nipple,
angled knee, ruddy toes,
amniotic water,
fresh face.

                   Lady 11.2005

end    top    poetry    agent of chaos



Gravity's gone wild, my
co-conspirator of the fantastic.

We're taking apart by putting
together and putting together
by taking

apart. Something next to
something else, and I'm worried
about the mad men on this planet.

Corpses dig themselves out of
hastily dug graves--sprouts
come up in a killer's harvest--
dirt all pixelated nonsense now

All the poets see it naked--
sublimated to the lower levels--
I'd flowered the toilet, a gastric
offering, my blue fingers touching
pomegranite, my ruby throat

but there's the last power,
a new beauty a forever

steward be my helper be my husband be my life

                   Lady 10/28/2005

end    top    poetry    agent of chaos



You're one of those scientific primitives, I said,
as you ate out my cunt.

                   Lady 9.2005 / 1.2006

end    top    poetry    agent of chaos



If you're a king,
you must have been a criminal.
All criminals would be king
and all kings are criminal.

The first time I was in jail--
hard time--I didn't know when
I'd get out.

Spiders traverse distances
by floating and falling

Vines twist together so they
can reach further

We'll jump off the edge
of the known world, but the
Earth is flat & we own the edges...

Mapping constellations 'cross
the random scattered stars

                   Lady & Steven B. Smith 9.2005 / 1.2006

end    top    poetry    agent of chaos



So this is very satisfactory
forward progression.

Ppl told me to definitely
not take a special trip.

A mannequin? She's
supposed to pose like vas
vee vant, you know, go
to shuule, no put no-nos
in her vagina.

It was the menagain.
They always tell me what
to do, how to pull panties
over plastic legs.

The menagain said it was not for me,
not for the theoretical Lady.
Ppl want an infinitely
accessible Lady TM,
more scores of me,
an indefinite article.

But no one deserves it more,
my definite article thee.

We'll legalize next summer,
resolve into it's the best news yet.

                   Lady 11.8.2005

end    top    poetry    agent of chaos


Sleepy people sleep deep--
dream steeped--
about killers.

Killer dreams. Oh, a killer dreams.
And they're killer dreams.

The U.S. government and other
bureaucratic stalkers.

                   Lady 9.2005 / 1.2006

end    top    poetry    agent of chaos



A clear pool, it waits
for you to muddy the water but
there is my throat, bobbing
on the surface, my underwater
lungs, and yes, gills, too
I'm soaked. I'm a soaker, joker.
Pure peer inside, see
animal adaptation, a surrender
of vestigial womb organs and
the imprint of scar tissue and
the unloved underbelly, fish flesh.

                   Lady 11/7/05

end    top    poetry    agent of chaos


Steve, you are a night animal
in your alared wakefulness,
open eyes, competent nose,
reaching arm.

Naked saturated waterbed mattress
twisted sheets flipped over
the proximity of woman hip,
wire hair, red mouth.

Sleepy woman sleeps slow,
heavy head, steeped in sleep,
finger deep, says mmmmm...

                   Lady 9.2005 / 1.2006

end    top    poetry    agent of chaos



The movie scene was set in Spain-

yellow light, blue ocean
and we remembered

It seems impossible
to thin American lungs

in our amniotic ritual
your lamp lit visage hovers
over bedtime experiments
a secretly serious man
in glasses and smooth skin

I imagine us in
another country's weather

a candle in the window
wicks light across your face
a year of warm nighttimes
your bed tossed bones
wrinkles laugh from your eyes
into your hairline

my nascent lady identity,
freckled skin in black satin
and smeary eyes

I dream about the movies
and when I'm awake, I lick
my dreams

I have nothing to do but to choose
what to do
and it will be with you

                   Lady 1/10/06

end    top    poetry    agent of chaos


November Shorts

Dick Cheney's about the rattiest
rat I know of right now.


When putting something together,
it is best to be two people.

I'm evil by virtue of being oblivious.

Kent: it's a bus stop for aliens.

At first I misread Anime Hospital
(instead of animal)

It's against the ppl who're in charge.
It's a death's head intelligence.

Born to Brood.

The city lights are still on
because of the timing
of the dark.

I speed, do grass, & curse our
president. And that's about it.

Not a cookie turking,
a turkey cooking!

She said, I was dancing with the gay guys in Art School.

You ppl know really weird shit.
It was all incidental and happenstance.

I like to flavor my food with flavanoids.


I'm coming on in a big way, honey.
I'm a weather event, a hurricane
flood soaks an old city, moldy
on your golden oldy.

I'm your infinitely accessible Lady,
your flood, your manipulator
of the analog.

Do Russians wear furry condoms?

A couple of assholes have even said that I lack tact.

My admirers are either poets or madmen,
and sometimes both!

You could come up with a lot of adjectives to describe it.


Too shushed and municipal, the
manufactured reverence of
padded halls and mar ball columns.


The dappled shadows through the
blue sky window and it's like your water,
your reflections on the indoor
pool ceiling and the grace of shiny,
clothed and sweatered adults.

Wendy turns her curly head to Russ
and says you could be our coffied adventurer

and her sunglasses (indoors) were
suddenly become Russ's sky blue

                   Lady 11.2005

end    top    poetry    agent of chaos


December Shorts

Actually, I think they are the mutants.
You are a real man.
3PO & I have travelled this far
and all I can do is say
Gosh I'm astonished--
and 3PO won't stop meowing at me.
I think your meow has changed, kitty.
Mine has too.
Steve found my smiling kisser.
His big hot volcano love, molten slow,
emerging slow, sputtering heat,
obscuring his body space, his private heat.
I am as empty as a body-shaped volume of air in front of me-
as much intrinsic importance.
An iguana is a beaded being.
Words for weeks past:
de facto
This week's word: astonished
I'll be a little rock:
no hair die, no makeup, naked.
Movies that might be dreams...
That rats laugh means everything's OK.
I was thinking,
it's OK Toto,
we're allowed to be silly.
Language is just noise.
I am a ghost holding a mango.
Why would a ghost hold a mango?

Go main go. Go man, go!
I am a ghost holding a mango.
I wear a wedding dress it is too large for me.
The mango is large and hairy and wet and red.
A monkey stole my mango for his family.
I like the star field on my side mirror. But you should probably watch dead man's curve.
I like the star field on my side mirror. But you should probably watch dead man's curve.
He got married and had a child, but it didn't take.
It was a foolish suicide--
writing notes to people who I don't even love.
When a man says hello to you in a park,
what does that mean or not mean?
What if the man is old?
What if the man is young?
Or attractive?
What does it mean if a man rubs your leg in a theater
and you don't know the man, you are alone?
It's hard to relax.
I'm still too jumpy from my previous job--
being a fuck-up--quite literally.
He's not able to grasp reference-free context (ha ha);
much like Emerson's self-reliance (ha ha).
I see you're missing your bootstraps, dear.
Steve: Disgusting creatures--nothing but sex on their minds--sex, and sunshine.
I heard the magic ear sculpture - walking around in sound.

                   Lady 12.2005

end    top    poetry    agent of chaos


Private Eye Smokey Grey

i come to sip yer honey, honey,
my sticky bee--
internal hive memory

nothing personal, just duty.
howdy duty. by jingo. by golly.
by jolly we'll be an external


of an inner


we spark the waters
hold 'em up
do the dirty bop

i need some heart gravy.
give me some heart gravy baby--
lounge lizard rhythm in
polyester time

                   Lady & Steven B. Smith 1.2006

end    top    poetry    agent of chaos


Smoke Osmosis

no one actually knows themselves
there's always something in the way--
blood/brain barrier

If I wrap my fingers around the
back of your neck, I'm here, I'm real--
a woman in a photograph

I can put myself in a puff of smoke
and get rid of myself in a puff of smoke,
each body-shaped volume of air
in front of me some
cosmological constant

if for a second the gravity of my head
is let go I am mote in dusty sunlight
in an afternoon existence

                   Lady 1.26.06


end    top    poetry    agent of chaos

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