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private collections III - the prequel to the sequel
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do bait mourning becomes dyslexia dept 12 examination of conscience elephant graveyard
post coital repression for bessie smith 3/4ths full as above, so below garter snake amoeba lust police brutality
bitches brew escalation point as time goes by secret garden private dancer
redline junkie luv golden years love unrequited love
now & then
secret garden do bait elephant graveyard love
escalation point examination of conscience escalation point
now & then amoeba lust amoeba lust clairvoyant bitches brew bitches brew now & then
mourning becomes dyslexia mourning becomes dyslexia mourning becomes dyslexia
as above, so below as above, so below
smith - dec 25, 2004

most of these are owned by long-timers
steve reynolds (my oldest friend) has my 1st white piece from the late 1970s
artist tim herron's collected since the late 80s
marty sokolich's piece dates to 1984 (he bought it from george orwell)
good flux good finds good folk

Smith 12.25.2004

collected smith I - 30 pieces
collected smith II - 46 pieces


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