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father knows best artcrimes #1 back cover last year's poetry midnight at the oasis validity of relationships, detail
que sera, detail circuit diving, detail circuit diving, detail circuit diving, detail que sera, detail
smith on smith uburban regret dodge pope mfg co

smith - dec 4, 2003
Most of my 40 years in art, I took no photographs & kept no records.
I figured it was my job to make the art, society's job to document it,
and the art's job to survive - this attitude came from my hippie days.

Now that I have this website, I find I'd like to have those lost images.
There are maybe 300 pieces others own I will never see again unless
they read this and send me photos.  But there are another 100 or so
I know where they are and can visit and photograph so I'll be adding
more screens soon. I still remain true to my hippie ideals, but I find
in my dotage a desire to show off my offsprung - thus this page.

Smith 12.04.2003

collected smith II - 46 pieces
collected smith III - 24 pieces


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