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valis plato's barn death blue blood dreamweaver
return of the native slave & masturbation ground zero rose colored glasses
mask rope dancer poison valentine willow weep for me 1966 wonder woman
ripple death takes a holiday loch ness jesus pilgrim's progress temptation thank you masked man
3 a.m.
<A HREF=cafe metaphysics incorrect data amsterdam fish charter privileges
young lenin july 9, 1943 uburban weather the facts of time jesus de milo cum laude
bad hair day thunder road angel baby big bang big bang, dtl blue blood, dtl
death takes a holiday, dtl plato's barn, dtl pilgrim's progress, dtl2 wonderwoman, dtl rose colored glasses, dtl 1 young lenin, dtl uburban, dtl
icarus bound, dtl uncle sham the good citizen unit size fear icarus bound
dead elvis 97 men new 4 on wall lost supper found dead elvis 97, dtl

smith - jan 26, 2004

i hadn't seen many of these images in 7 to 20 years
they're much odder than i remembered
but then aren't we all

Smith 1.26.2004
special thnx to Joe & Jim Vecchio who own 37 of these 46 pieces

collected smith I - 30 pieces
collected smith III - 24 pieces


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