Sacred Lies - Love Truth Honor Family
Brandt Gallery 1028 Kenilworth Avenue   Cleveland, Ohio 44113 U.S.A.
New & Used Work by Steven B. Smith   May 3 - June 13, 2003

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south window father knows best regret black & blue food for thought comes the dawn perception's door
caged dice war the three ways of water vampires on the beach autumn love / adults only downstairs
blue skies art bypass pandora's box i want violation
i and i ice-9 midnight at the oasis runoff light lucifer lost of human bondage for sale
black rain family darwin's radio a little night music river's run last year's poetry moonrise
there was a crooked man fame / no cash value the beast within in the belly of the beast the great divide howl (for allen ginsberg)
tinkerbell tinkerbell dtl tinkerbell higher bound desire desire dtl desire
south west wall south window north west wall
jean brandt

Sacred Lies are the lies we tell ourselves to help us go on,
the lies we need to believe to keep us from killing ourselves, or others

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