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The Miami Herald - 03/06/2004
Taking sesame chicken seriously: The only difference between
archivist Harley Spiller and the rest of us is that he ...

))) The Public Broadcast Cart (((
September 19th and 20th, 2003 City Hall Park View Video Documentation
Inspector Collector aka Harley Spiller, Curator and Park Visitor ...

MoCA - Museum of Chinese in the Americas
MoCA will introduce artists, historians and collectors who explore
different facets of Chinese restaurants, including Harley Spiller, who has ...

The Morning News
Eating with Harley Spiller 14 May 2003
SARS be damned: Rosecrans Baldwin searches for the perfect dumpling in New ...

The Village Voice
Man and His Bottle Caps - by Toni Schlesinger - 03.12.2004 ...

Franklin Furnace I
Harley Spiller, Franklin Furnace Alumn,
MUSEUM IN A BAG, American Craft Museum, February 2, 2002
Museum-in-a-Bag Family Workshop with Inspector Collector ...

Weiner Zeitung
Welt wird Wohnzimmer, Wohnzimmer wird Welt - Weiner Zeitung, 2003

Franklin Furnace II
Eileen Myles, Harley Spiller, FF Alumns, at Le Petit Versailles, June 29, 2002 ...

El Nuevo Herald
El menú de Miralda - El Nuevo Herald.com, November 28, 2003

I Love to Collect Exhibit
kids spent a fun-filled month at The Newark Museum, in Newark, New Jersey, where
they were led on daily adventures by project leader, Harley Spiller, an avid ...

Fairfield County Weekly - The Legacy of General Tso
Scofieldtown Rd. in Stamford. Harley Spiller, aka Inspector Collector
will run his collecting workshop on Feb. 9, from 1-2:30pm. $25 ...

Off the Menu - In Australia
Restaurant Reviews - Harley Spiller is a long time contributing writer
for Flavor and Fortune, a magazine of ...

Off the Menu: Menus for an Indivisible World
1997: Harley Spiller maintains the world's largest collection of Chinese menus ...

New York Times Letters
HARLEY SPILLER, New York City. Untangling a Mystery: To the Editor:
I thoroughly enjoyed your article on the caja china. Just ...

Can We Talk?
Harley Spiller is a self-described "obsessive collector" who has put together
his own "celebration of Chinese Takeout food in America" with a collection he ...

"Wipe that smile off your face and put on a sour puss," said Harley Spiller,
known as "Inspector Collector" as he handed out a "Pickle on a Stickle ...

Doggie treats
Harley Spiller, also known as "Inspector Collector," will lead
a variety of activities based on his collection of Chinese menus ...

indigo som chinese restaurant project
Mary Austin & her mother Noah Lang, Trillium Press Bob Wing Lilac Wing Mey Wong,
& Lina Hoshino who led me to her Harley Spiller Peter Som Michele ...

Stamford Museum and Nature Center
With the help of Inspector Collector (aka Harley Spiller), the SMNC staff has
selected 20 Junior Collectors who will share their unique collections and ...


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