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recent pieces by steven b. smith, the ides of march 2005

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budget cuts budget cuts
food 4 thot food 4 thot food 4 thot food 4 thot
cold fusion cold fusion
dark star dark star dark star
false profit false profit
mammogram mammogram
red, white, black & blue red, white, black & blue
walk on water walk on water walk on water
cosmic debris cosmic debris
buddha rose buddha rose buddha rose buddha rose
clean slate clean slate

self portrait self portrait self portrait self portrait
While up on the roof yesterday, taking fotos of my newer work in the bright sunshine,
I found these nails sticking out of an old sculpture I'm deconstructing in the elements.
Heck with the sculpture, all I need are these 4 fotos.
Steven B. Smith 3.16.2005

T.V.O.D + Buddha's Beads


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