agent of chaos presents its first guest artist - Jeff Chipls & his found neon art

Neon Repoetry
Jeff Chiplis
six found neon word assemblages
Art Metro / Colonial ArtCade
Cleveland, Ohio  USA
August 13 - November 30, 2003

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if    yes

    photo    go   

before    reflect    joan

inside    be ok


Cool 9.17-9.24 2003
Neon Repoetry

 Clevelander Jeff Chiplis' surprising, entertaining and slyly intriguing collection
of phrases and words juxta-mixed to make the kind of sense you feel driving 80MPH
thru downtown wherever, catching neon glimpses and creating your own internal poetry.
Opening Fri 9/19 5-9PM ARTcade project
530 Euclid Avenue at E. 6th Street, 696-1942

art card back    art card front

Dreaming in Neon - Anastasia Pantsios - Cleveland Free Times 9.17.2003

e mail jeff at jeffrychiplis @-sign sbcglobal dot net

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