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Jim Lang
artist poet photographer potter philosopher
poetry art poartry

fotos found in lang's mail 6.02 thru 5.03
some w/words by bree

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barthes    snow buddha    wits ladder

zion    575    flying fish    stein way    bird trax

all the news    dinner for 1    happy    happy day moon    cryogenesis

m lang    einstein    dialectic    noxin    led zappa

russell vidrick    terry provost at cafe noir    gerald locklin, mark weber, daniel thompson    maj ragain @ bradys    chris franke / beth wolfe   

smith 12/2002    smith drain    smith's hat    major ragain + smith    smith at shaker    smith + dog

bree, major ragain & luann    izzos    kfc    motown    major ragain & luann

working hard    mirrors    gingerduck    lang on cross    dialects    chair tile

bree & lang    she hired    th ache horns

barstool blues


Jim Lang - 14 poems in previous artcrimes
Bree - song lyrics, poetry, green panda press

fotos & words jim lang / webwork smith

contact jim lang at
pobox 110171  cleveland, oh  44111  u.s.a.

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