Modern poetry collection by the contemporary Cleveland poet Steven B. Smith
Smith - contemporary poet

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11 poems

Neck Ties

Not quite useless

Good's be said
For cleaning shades,
Or clearing dead
Stun glass shadows
Shallow stain,
Or wiping lip
Off male stick
Or camouflage
As one of them

Ties that blind
In trying blend
Tying love
To partner's bed
Binding lies
To kin for skin
Or kiss instead
Poor Sodom's plot
Near Salem's sin

Not knots
For children bred
Of ladies loose,
Or wineblood red
Of jailer's noose
When upward led,
Or wiping soft
Spot baby's head

end    poetry

Dung or Diamond?

On my lack of fame and fortune,
I keep baiting the stream
But nobody bites.

As for peace and understanding,
I chase the spirit
I follow the sprite.

end    poetry

21st Century Schizoid Man

I've got certified rats in my rafters
Of legally voided mind waste
So excuse please these cancerous laughters
This spewing of petrified paste
Vague seeking through demented hereafter
I can't find my mind's been misplaced

Electron wails mournful my nay brain
Err trails its zinc aftertaste
This drivel due mad jolting sane pain
Embraces thy sameness posthaste
Dying I burp up my madness again
I can't find my mind's been misplaced

of when of where of what am i o god of whom of why
for seeketh then thou me thou see the be that thou belie

end    poetry

Junkie Luv

My eyes slither open, shut
In golum time my tongue
Rasps brown lizards
As I hiss my want of you
In careful solitude
O my preciousss

Sleep whispers soft leavings
On my lids my head nods
Nods my precious
These fingers numb in spite
The clash of needle
And the floor

end    poetry

Lots Overlapping

Seems to me a lot of people
are sleeping with a lot of people
under various rules and regulations
while I deal in shadow
(for not all place bound in time)

I think it's neat sniffing sheep in heat
tho not my style
I'm more rock n roll cool cruel lean scene
with lots overlapping

I'm the high in Ohio
Fractals friend
Mom made whether
Dad's leaks and squeaks
(which is white of me)
Proof positive ant's scant
leather lash shadow due

I fear neither name
nor knowledge
for magic round abounds
joyous in-between
high noons weed easy
stones throw from sanity

Step outside the lines
Stable tables
Video yesteryear's roarshocked
inkblots new age pap
mammaries for stars

Be one
Be nothing
Bananas brown Asian to African
Albinos weep white
Dark, as Africa used to be

end    poetry

On Your Knees Please
(and let's hum the Corporate Anthem)

Lost degenerates' breast whipped intentions
Horseradished and foreskin enfurled
Now scheme clitoral dreams
And corporate corporeal retention.

Lies lie your why and my
Rubber stamped existence.
Live like the less.
Don't focus.
Don't rest.
Suck tit or lick long extension.

origin of "On Your Knees Please"

end    poetry

Myth Amerika

O Red White and Blueeyed Lady, I am
But a fey ray in the King Kong of your
Clutch, a dank doodle dandy, Jekyll haired
Hyde. For to spite your apple laid Annies,
Your tacky plastic seams of care slighted
Bellies begatting sewer, catfish cauls,
You fed my me my folly, bled my need
Of calling.
                  Beshat, of fox on Farley.

end    poetry

Harpo Chord

Vocal cow chords unallowed to meat
Are why hamburgers Kant talk

Re Marx Smith

end    poetry

Oedipus Rx

They got
But never
 for sale

end    poetry

Peer Pressure

It would be easier to endure
If the blood hadn't caked so soon
Or the clock weren't waiting as loud
I didn't mean to slash my wrists
But then
I didn't mean to slash them and
Have the red freeze before they emptied
I've a seance in Fresno tomorrow
That's so long though
They may thaw by then

The loneness one feels as the razor kisses the wrist
The alone and fear you feel when
The cops say freeze and you suddenly know
Can't compare to the lone
As you push through flesh
And the dead appears
You don't wonder what's next
Is there a God or no
Your fear comes from behind
The knowing no one will miss you
No one will remember not to send you a card

end    poetry

As Long As Politician Honest

My heart is pure as fall their words
I stand so far behind you

I lick your breast and all the rest
I fill with sperm and hunger

If duty grows it's you to know
I know no tended foreskin

No mirror will see reflected me
I mere vampire forsaken

origins of vampires

room #7
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