Cleveland artist and poet Smith

ArtCrimes 02
Wretched Excesses

250 copies published March 1987
33 poems by 10 poets

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A Poem for d.a. levey   Robert Ritchie
A Poem Shaken from a Bowler Hat   Michael Salinger
After the Factory's Whistle Blows   Michael Salinger
American Expresssway   Michael Salinger
angels   Luigi-Bob Drake

Dear Abby   Luigi-Bob Drake

Empirical Dada   Steven B. Smith
Esculations   George P. Kemp

Heroin   Steven B. Smith

K-65   Daniel Thompson

Not About Ringdoves   George P. Kemp

of have with pair   Luigi-Bob Drake

Past Lies and Poverty   Steven B. Smith
Philosophy   Desmond Velcro
Preserving Natural Wonders   Amy Bracken Sparks

RSVP   Steven B. Smith

Shard   Steven B. Smith
Slave and Masturbation   Steven B. Smith
Sonnet   Christopher Franke

That We Are One   Daniel Thonpson
The 23rd Skiddoo   Daniel Thompson
The Eagle and the Dove   Daniel Thompson
The Lost Poets   Christopher Franke
The Semi Driver   Michael Salinger
The Sick Mind   Robert Ritchie
time flies small world   Luigi-Bob Drake

Unremitting   Christopher Franke

Wall Street   Steven B. Smith
What Does The Murderer Do The Morning After?   Amy Bracken Sparks
What The Voice   Christopher Franke
Wild Onions   Daniel Thompson
Work of the Artist's Hands   Desmond Velcro

You   Cat Smith

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