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ArtCrimes 06
Life In A Peaceful New World

300 copies published November, 1988
44 poems by 26 poets

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A Reading Poet   Christopher Franke
any invert   Joffre Stewart

Boundary   John M. Bennett

cambodia in cleveland   Steve E Gloom aka Steve Melton
Cannibal Saliva   Steven B. Smith
Celebration   Daniel Thompson
Cockatoo - Ring of Bird   Ralph La Charity
Cupon   Melissa J. Craig

Editor's Note   Editor
excerpt   Nicanor Parra

for you   Steve E Gloom aka Steve Melton

Garage   Dale Vidmar

hey mister   Steve E Gloom aka Steve Melton

Idea For A Play about a Young Man Who Carries Baggage   Bruce Checefsky

Junkie Luv   Steven B. Smith

Late Medeival Saint   Charlotte Pressler
Let Go   Crow
Love Poem   Daniel Thompson

March of the Toads   Ron Haybron
Marriage Proposal   Steven B. Smith
Metaphor   Dale Vidmar
Monism Monitor   Robert Garnack
my words   Steve E Gloom aka Steve Melton

Pasta Less Filling Than Romance   Jim Lang
Please Don't Fuck The Baby   Luigi-Bob Drake
Poet's Gift   Jo Smith

reville   Luigi-Bob Drake

She Was   Kevin Williams
Street Cat   Amy Bracken Sparks

the advantages of atomic weapons over cyclon-b   Luigi-Bob Drake
the double play   Jim Lang
The Gift - Pt 1   Steve Garee
The Gift - Pt 2   Steve Garee
The Rich Get Richer   Steven B. Smith
Thumbnail Sketches   Patricia Fallon
Time Piece   Dale Vidmar
Toilet   Ron Haybron

Untitled 1   Laila Voss
Untitled 2   Laila Voss
Untitled 3   Laila Voss

Wallowing   Joyce Porcelli
We Know   Jo Smith
What's Real?   John M. Bennett
Writings on the Wall   Les Black

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