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ArtCrimes 04
Artbark: Truffaut & True Friends

250 copies published January, 1988
54 poems by 27 poets

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A Haiku   David K. Ware
Ajax   Geoffrey Stamm
Anima   John M. Bennett
Animal Poem   Christopher Franke

Before the counterrevolutionary coup   Joffre Stewart
Beyond the Sunset   Barry Zuckor
Blending the Ox   John M. Bennett
Bone Poem   Truffaut

Canines   John M. Bennett
Chocolate and Roses   Daniel Thompson
Confessions of a Conservative   Steven B. Smith
Convoy   Geoffrey Stamm
Culture   Daniel Thompson

Dirty Pool - for Truffaut   Daniel Thompson

Easy Cat   Renee Mathews-Jackson
Ekphrasis (after El Greco's Fable)   Joseph Allgren
Fins   John M. Bennett
Fox's Song   Barbara Angell
foxstem in the forest   Luigi-Bob Drake

Hand to Mouth   Mother Dwarf Smith
Horse (para la gente de Hargill,Texas)   Gloria Anzuldua
How America's Pets Eat Better Than The Masses Of Latin Americans   Joffre Stewart

In the Silence   Daniel Thompson
In unserer Wolnung   Uwe Kolbe
indiana   Luigi-Bob Drake

Killing Rabbits   Ed Ochester

Marilyn Monroe - 1926-1962   Steven B. Smith
Moondog   Tim Joyce

Natural Science   Joseph Allgren
Noah's Ark   Frederic Lissauer

Ostrich Town   Jim Lang

Pablo Picasso, Died   Steven B. Smith

Razz's Poem   Daniel Thompson
Re: Hermit Crabs   Susan Grimms
Royal Inn   Cheese Borger

Shards of Glass   Steven B. Smith
Sop   Steven B. Smith

Talking Easy Thru My Hat   Daniel Thompson
The Dogs Of Morning   Daniel Thompson
The Rabbit   Christopher Franke
The Wait   Daniel Thompson
Truffaut at Cumberland   Daniel Thompson

Under the Dogwood tree   Frederic Lissauer

Vernor Lake   Major Ragain
Visits With the Afterlife   Jim Lang

Waiting   Maria Ricciardo
We Are All Gunmen   Daniel Thompson
well behaved dog   Martin Sokolich
Whethered Would   Steven B. Smith
white wooden horse   Maria Ricciardo
White-wing Season   Gloria Anzaldua
Winter Birds   Sarah Croley

You Can't Ignore A Dinosaur   Mark Hopkins

Zen Over Zero   Steven B. Smith

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