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ArtCrimes 1-20
1986 - 2002
By Poet

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337 poems by 125 poets
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Allgren, Joseph   2 poems
Angell, Barbara   Fox's Song
Anzaldua, Gloria   2 poems
Arcangelini, M. J.   4 poems
Arnold, Anna   Diary, April 1, 1986 12:43 am
Atkins, Russell   4 poems

Bellini, Lancillotto   Archivo
Bennett, John M.   11 poems
Black, Les   Writings on the Wall
Bloch, Mark   Close Personal Friend
Borger, Cheese   Royal Inn
Bortz, E B   3 poems
Brandon, Judith   2 poems
Bree   Still A Swan
Breisch, Mary Ann   daughter (dawning)
Brizzi, Mary   Four Steps
Brodsky, Adam   Gestalt
Byrum, John   2 poems

Canada, Steve   2 poems
Checefsky, Bruce   Idea for a Play About a Young Man Who Carries Baggage
Cohen, Ryosuke   Brain Cell
Croley, Sarah   Winter Birds
Crow   Let Go
Craig, Melissa J.   2 poems

Dick Head aka Robert Ritchie   2 poems
Donne, John   excerpt
Dostal, Cyril A.   3 poems
Drake, Luigi-Bob   12 poems
Dugas, Kristine   For Gerald Manley Hopkins
Durst, Terry   Situation

Editor   Editor's Note
Emperor Wu of Han   Majestic

Fallon, Patricia   2 poems
Franke, Christopher   20 poems

Garee, Steve   2 poems
Garnack, Robert   Monism Monitor
Gloom, Steve E aka Steve Melton   6 poems
Govan, Robert   2 poems
Green, Frank   O Death You Sly Trickster
Grimm, Susan   Re: Hermit Crabs
Gulyas, Ben   2 poems

Haybron, Ron   3 poems
Harkless, Linda   What Is Art Good For?
Hazley, Sandra L.   3 poems
Hazlitt, William   quote
Hopkins, Mark   You Can't Ignore A Dinosaur
Hoppe, Doug   Pit of Sheer Delight
Horvath, Brooke   A Fable for Critics

Joan of Art   3 poems
Johnson, Linda Monicelli   2 poems
Joyce, Tim   Moondog

Kemp, George P.   6 poems
Kipperman, Erik   Empty
Kolbe, Uwe   In unserer Wolnung
Kostelanetz, Richard   Manifestoes

La Charity, Ralph   Cockatoo - Ring of Bird
Lang, Jim   14 poems
LaCook, Lewis   Her Anonymity
Lipman, Joel   3 poems
Lissauer, Frederic   2 poems
Locklin, Gerald   2 poems
Long, Marcella   War
Long, Sheila   Zen This

Marsh, Toni Frabotta   2 poems
Martin, Roy L.   In the Bottom of his Bowl
Mathews-Jackson, Renee   Easy Cat
Max   3 poems
McCall, Jim   The Difference Between Hot and Cold Blood
McDonough, Robert E.   3 poems
McDuff, Luke   This is a good poem, wasn't it?
Melton, Steve   country girl
Mendez, David   Art
Miltner, Robert   Composer
Mulready, Tom   Being a Repudiation

Nevadomi, Ken   Art Notes

Ochester, Ed   Killing Rabbits

Parra, Nicanor   excerpt from poem
Polak, Bill   the Leviathans
Polite, Frank   A Poet Is Not A Writer
Porcelli, Joyce   Wallowing
Pressler, Charlotte   Late Medieval Saint
Provost, Terry   6 poems

Ragain, Major   4 poems
Reynolds, Stephen   The Adventures of Stone Ranger & Snorto
Ricciardo, Maria   2 poems
Richmond, Steve   2 poems
Ritchie, Robert aka Dick Head   2 poems

Sachs, Carly   The Wanting Does Not Stop Here
Salinger, Michael   6 poems
Salo, Mary Ellen May   2 poems
Seeley, Val   2 poems
Shaffer, Wendy   3 poems
Smith, Cat   5 poems
Smith, David Alexander   I Have Cursed
Smith, Jo   2 poems
Smith, Mother Dwarf   Hand to Mouth
Smith, Pappy   Number 1 Son
Smith, Steven B.   28 poems
Sokolich, Martin   well behaved dog
Sparks, Amy Bracken   7 poems + 5 reviews
Stamm, Geoffrey   4 poems
Stark, Max   2 poems
Stewart, Joffre   5 poems
Stein, Gertrude   from "Poetry and Grammer"

Taranto, James   The Yellow Bug
Telfer, Christine   What Was The Topic?
Tepper, Kristine Ban   Wax Paper Becomes Mantra
Thompson, Daniel   34 poems
Townsend, Cheryl   2 poems
Truffaut   Bone Poem
Turzillo, Mary A.   For Kenneth Patchen

Velcro, Desmond   3 poems
Vidmar, Dale   3 poems
Vidrick, Russ   Talking To Ghosts
Voss, Laila   5 poems

Wahle, F. Keith   2 poems
Ware, David K.   A Haiku
Weber, Mark   3 poems
Weigel, James Jr.   4 poems
Williams, Kevin   She Was
Wolfe, Beth   3 poems

Yeats, William Butler   The Second Coming

Zimmerman, Alois   The King of the Hippies
Zubal   Four Haiku
Zuckor, Barry   2 poems

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