Cleveland artist and poet Smith

ArtCrimes 20
Sea of Forgetfulness

544 copies published July 2002
46 poems by 32 poets

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Across Tenth Avenue / St. Petersburg, Florida    Major Ragain
Approximate Fits   John Byrum
Cat   Sandra L. Hazley
daughter (dawning)   Mary Ann Breisch
Dear Me   Joan of Art
Dormant   Amy Bracken Sparks
earth note 29   e b bortz
earth note 62   e b bortz
earth note 81   e b bortz
Empty   Erik Kipperman
Enigma   Cheryl Townsend
Flat River   Beth Wolfe
Forced and Demented   Joan of Art
Gestalt   Adam Brodsky
Gods   Steven B. SMith
Her Anonymity   Lewis LaCook
Here   Cheryl Townsend
I Dreamt   Ben Gulyas
I'm Tired   Val Seeley
Ice Melts In Only One Direction   Jim Lang
Majestic   Emperor Wu of Han
Mandrake Dream   Wendy Shaffer
Moon Meter   Beth Wolfe
Now Zen   Steven B. Smith
O Death You Sly Trickster   Frank Green
Oh Jesus I'm In Trouble With God   Judith Brandon
Orphan's Lament   Judith Brandon
Situation   Terry Durst
Still A Swan   Bree
Talking To Ghosts   Russ Vidrick
Technically   Joan of Art
The Body Is A Cognitive Map   Major Ragain
The Bow, The Wow, With Brothers   Major Ragain
The Dream Thief   Daniel Thompson
The Second Coming   W. B. Yeats
The Wanting Does Not Stop Here   Carly Sachs
The Writer   Sandra L. Hazley
Tits and Tips   Sandr L/ Hazley
To Sleep and Forget   Daniel Thompson
Two Men In A Coffee Shop   Michael Salinger
Up In The Sandia Mountains   Mark Weber
Virtual Fire   Beth Wolfe
What Am I Doing Wrong?   Christopher Franke
What Was The Topic?   Christine Telfer
You Can't Say This   Terry Provost
Zen This   Sheila Long

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