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A Most Common Name, A Most Unusual Family
by Amy Bracken Sparks
The Cleveland Free Times
August 11, 1993

The Smiths: A most common name, a most unusual family.

Out of the Nevada desert from the union of Pappy and Mother Dwarf Smith came two odd brothers: Steve and "Cat." The former is a poet and artist for whom mixed-media is a way of life; the latter, a troubled man who eventually committed suicide, the cremated ashes of whom were used in a piece by his brother.

Pappy Smith died not long ago, an event which brought Mother Dwarf to Cleveland to be near her son Steve.

Steve himself nearly died two years ago from years of guzzling alcohol. Sobriety has been very productive for Steve (commonly called just Smith) who has made more than 150 artworks in the past year alone.

Tonight at the Studio Gallery (2271 Professor Ave. in Tremont) is a show of works by the whole clan. The Smith Family is just one stop on the Tremont Art Walk, including, just a few doors down at Bohemia (900 Literary Ave.), more works by Smith himself.

"Come see we," Smith says.

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