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ArtCrimes 07
Metapoems, Antipoems & Notpoems

300 copies published June, 1989
72 poems by 39 poets

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A Fable for Critics   Brooke Horvath
A Poet Is Not A Writer   Frank Polite
A Wry Love Poem   Christopher Franke
All   Joel Lipman

Backyard   Russell Atkins
Being a Repudiation   Tom Mulready
Blank Verse   Steven B. Smith

Can We Talk?   M. J. Arcangelini
Ceramics Class   Cyril A. Dostal
Composer   Robert Miltner

doubt the plausible surface   John Byrum
Dream Spring   Barry Zuckor

Eeeeek!   M. J. Arcangelini
excerpt   John Donne
excerpt from "Poetry and Grammer"   Gertrude Stein

Fair Verse   Max Stark
For Gerald Manley Hopkins   Kristine Dugas
For Kenneth Patchen   Mary A. Turzillo
Four Steps   Mary Brizzi

gagaku   Steve Richmond

History kollage / making   Jim Lang

I Destroyed   Jim Lang

Lies So Still   Jim Lang
Look Out   Joel Lipman
Love Song to My Computer - for Olive Cross   Linda Monicelli Johnson

Manifesto   Richard Kostelanetz
Master of the Chameleon   Christopher Franke
Masturbating in a Burning Building   F. Keith Wahle
metapome   Jim Lang

Noise   Robert Govan
Not An Actual Emergency   F. Keith Wahle

Oge   Steve Richmond
Old Man Carrying A Bible In A High Crime Area   Russell Atkins
Old Man's Lament/Sweet Little Sixteen   Steven B. Smith
Omission   Robert E. McDonough
on my thirty-fourth birthday   
On the Rack   Gerald Locklin

pedagogy   Gerald Locklin
Poem On the Possibility of Any Given Day   Ben Gulyas
Poet's Suicide   Robert E. McDonough
Poetry   Christopher Franke
Posey's Song   Max Stark
Preface: Meta-Words   Christopher Franke

quote   William Hazlitt

Reread   Joel Lipman
Rex Numquam Moritur (the king never dies)   M. J. Arcangelini

School's Out   John M. Bennett
Some Kinda Bread (to be read with a thick accent)   Linda Monicelli Johnson
Sorry   Mary Ellen May Salo
Spring's Generation Gap   Russell Atkins
Stripped   Laila Voss

Tea   Laila Voss
Tell Them   Cyril A. Dostal
The Anatomy of Love   Daniel Thompson
The Bulb and the Brick   John M. Bennett
The King of the Hippies   Alois Zimmerman
the Leviathans   Bill Polak
The P.E.S.   Robert E. McDonough
the photo   M. J. Arcangelini
The Un-Poem   Mark Weber
The Yellow Bug   James Taranto
This is a good poem, wasn't it?   Luke McDuff
tonight i waited on a man   Wendy Shaffer
Transit   Russell Atkins

Villanelle of Epigony & Perennial Engines   Christopher Franke

We're Uncovering   Christopher Franke
What Is Art Good For?   Linda Harkless
When Creating By Removing   Robert Govan
Where Do You Get Your Ideas? (Someone is sure to ask)   Cyril A. Dostal
Women at the River's Edge   Daniel Thompson
Would You Write A Poem About Me - for Marlene   Daniel Thompson

you hear   Mark Weber

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