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A Cleveland dada artist:

"My favorite Smith works are the newspaper collages
reminiscent of Kurt Schwitters and other 1920s artists.
They have a prototype '20s-period feel, though the papers
here date from the 1950s, filled with unbelievably low prices
in the ads. Come to think of it, Smith is as neo-Dada
as anyone around. He's definitely not to be overlooked."
- Helen Cullinan, The Plain Dealer, 9/26/87

Neo dada poet & artist Steven B. Smith was first published
in the early 1970's by Johns Hopkins University.

Smith's contemporary poetry and art have since been
published by, ArtCrimes,
Clevebland Rag-O-Zeen, Whiskey Island,
Split City, Taproot, Little Albert,
Brain Cell, Generator

20 editions of ArtCrimes, a limited edition art & poetry journal,
have been published by Smith between 1986 and 2002
containing 399 artists & poets and one dog.

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