Cleveland artist and poet Smith

ArtCrimes 03
The vacation Coloring Book

250 copies published June, 1987
27 poems by 15 poets

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A La Carte   George P. Kemp
A Sad Poem   Dick Head
Art Notes   Ken Nevadomi

Beauty and the Bird   Daniel Thompson

country girl   Steve Melton
Cut Words   Christopher Franke

Death   Daniel Thompson
Deer Crossing   Christopher Franke
Doctor Skills That Kill   George P. Kemp

Excerpt   Michael Salinger

Firefly   Christopher Franke
Freedom Writer Graffiti   Daniel Thompson

May 9th   Val Seeley
Miasma   Daniel Thompson

Radio   Luigi-Bob Drake

Small Tragedies of Junkyard Poets   Daniel Thompson
Swan Songs   George P. Kemp

The Difference Between Hot and Cold Blood   Jim McCall
The Girl Who Died Her Hair   Daniel Thompson
The Guinea   Christopher Franke
The Heart as Arsonist   Steven B. Smith
The Lady on the Beach   Ron Haybron
The Mourning of Icarus   Amy Bracken Sparks
The Validity of Relationships   Steven B. Smith
tragic illumination & magic transubstantiation   Luigi-Bob Drake

Utopian Dot To Dot   Cat Smith

War   Marcella Long

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