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Subject: czech republic residency
07.05.2004 email

hello everyone,

just wanted to let everyone know i will be going to the czech republic for a residency/symposium this summer. the program is put on by the town of mikulov and is called dilna. check them out @ http://www.mikulov.cz/index_eng.php www.mikulov.cz and take the link to "dilna". i leave here on july 12 and return august 24.

this all came about because, vladimir merta, who did a residency at spaces, is running the "dilna" along with his wife and fellow artist, margrit. they asked me to join them and another czech artist for four weeks. i will have a place to stay, a place to work and an assistant. while there, i will be looking for recyclable neon to build sculptures and taking in the culture of the region. after my stay in mikulov i will set about on a mystery tour of europe.

i would like to thank tft/transfotec international for their help in this adventure in the form of some european electrical compliant transformers. its great canadians believe in supporting the arts. you can look at my past work www.agentofchaos.com/chiplis if you have questions or advice please feel free to reply.

jeff chiplis

Jeffry Chiplis
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