tvod - assemblage sculpture
T.V.O.D. - 49" x 44" x 9" - 3.2005  © smith
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piece rejected for Cleveland Museum of Art's 1st NEO show by jurors
Rejected in 1st round from these slides.

must thank the 3 NEO Show judges for rejecting me from their watered down
May Show. show like that could hurt one's rep.

loved the video of the jet thru the bridge cables...
there's magic there on multiple levels.

enjoyed dancing video lines on the painted lines in a silly sort of way.

3-4 good decent others.

a lot of expensive calendar art. others should have been in the Inside
Outside gallery's Bad Art Show last month. much surface, little content.
words like vacuous, vapid, amazingly mediocre ooze to mind. can almost see
Corporate Art stamped on the bottom, art school mind over matter.

maybe republicans will like it - cuz nothing there to threaten any one,
or stimulate thot. a george w bush kind of kulchur show.

D.M.O.M.A. call for NEO show rejects for Salon des Neo Refuses

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