6 6 6 ,   t h e   n u m b e r   o f   t h e   B u s h

letter to the letter to the editor
Cleveland Free Times 8.14.2002


Re K. Michael Benz´s letter (7.31): If I
were Mr Benz, I would not be so quick to
align United Way with President-pretend
George W. Bush. In truth, Bush does not
represent all the people, particularly those
with less than six-figure salaries.

He is only in office because he was willing
to lie, cheat, steal and use his toadies on the
U.S. Supreme Court to effect a coup. And even
with all that, he still had to rely on his
brother to cook the Florida election books by
disenfranchising black voters.

Bush is a man without ethics, without honor,
without truth. Sadly, he is the perfect
pre$ident for corporate America.

This appeared in the Cleveland Free Times 8.14.2002 in response to
Mr Benz´s letter in which he stated Bush represents "all the people".

Mr Benz is the President and CEO of United Way Services, Cleveland.

The main thrust of Benz´s letter was that the United Way is apolitical,
and that their Board Chairman (Alex Machaskee, president and publisher
of The Plain Dealer) did not trade United Way´s hosting of Bush´s
political speech for an invitation to a White House dinner - although
he does admit that they did host the speech and Machaskee does have
his invitation to the White House. I gather ´apolitical´ must mean
something different to Mr Benz than it does to Daniel Webster.

On the bright side - I waited 56 years to write my first letter
to an editor, and it was printed.

On the dark side, last week´s repeat of Florida´s surrealist voting
rituals brings to mind the phrase "the same old same old"; or as
Pete Townsend put it: welcome to the new boss, same as the old boss.

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