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harley by harley
harley spiller 04.01.2004 - photo by guillermo hung

Welt wird Wohnzimmer, Wohnzimmer wird Welt - Weiner Zeitung, 2003

Eating With Harley Spiller - by Rosecrans Baldwin
The Morning News, May 14, 2003

Man and His Bottle Caps - by Toni Schlesinger
The Village Voice, March 2004

The Newark Museum: Profiles of the Collectors/Curators

The Legacy of General Tso - by Mike Sembos, February 6, 2003

Can We Talk - 1995 - The National Talk Show Guest Registry

A Man and His Menus, All 6,000 of Them
by Marcus Baram
The New York Times - August 24, 2003

Junior Collectors Day
Stamford Museum & Nature Center
April 27, 2003

Inspector Collector - A Million Chinese Menus, Give or Take a Few
Stamford Museum & Nature Center News
February 9, 2003

New York Edition Museums For Families
Volume 2, Number 1 - Winter 2002
Life Before Video Games

The Parent Paper - March 2002
City Life by Holly Reich
Museums in a bag at the American Craft Museum

American Craft Museum
February 2, 2002

The New York Times - November 3, 2000
Family Fare by Laurel Graeber
Finders, Keepers

WatchTime - February 2000
Watch Tales by Harley Spiller

The New-York Historical Society
Family Programs - December 29, 1996
The Games We Played

The New Yorker - February 25, 1991
The Talk Of The Town - Takeout

Franklin Furnace Announces An Installation
August 15, 1988

The Wall Street Journal
September 29, 1988
by Andrew B. Cohen
One Thing's for Certain: Better In a Museum Than on the Subway

Art in America Annual 1989-90
1988 in Review - Alternative Spaces
Hello My Name Is. . . .

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